The thing is, when I dyed my hair, I also got dyed my eyebrows. But then, it disappeared… hahaha
Look, I have no eyebrows~??

Photo from yesterday~

Today’s lunch~♪

Going out to yoga (^-^)/
I found this cutie in the 109 from Kanazawa( ´艸`) Such a cute SLY’s romper (>_<) Maybe I should buy it… what should I do… now I’m ambivalent

MoRning〜♪ Still sleepy…(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ
Tried to apply it~

Since I had free-time, I made few purchases〜 ( ´艸`) I bought a lipstick and an eyeliner ♪

Now there are some people from Fukui that I wanted to see ( ´艸`) I’m so happy ♥♥♥